What Is The Use of Lorazepam (Ativan)?

Ativan is one of the medicines of the benzodiazepine class. Its main purpose is to treat panic and anxiety disorders. Usually, it’s prescribed for patients who suffer from intense agitation of the nervous system and experience emotional instability.

The medicine is known for its fast effect. Moreover, it really shows impressive results when dealing with panic and anxiety disorders. As you are getting ready to begin your treatment, gather a bit more information about the way Ativan works and what effects it has on the human body.

What does Ativan do with the body?

Ativan is valued for its quick ability to calm and relax our body and nervous system. At the same time, the increased activity of the brain lowers.

All disorders manifest themselves in multiple physiological signs. Patients may experience poor sleep, muscle tensions, tremors, spasms, and many others conditions that we all don’t like. Ativan acts as a relaxer to muscle tissue.

The drug also proved to be efficient in treating patients suffering convulsions and seizures. It may completely eliminate the symptoms or mitigate them. The intensity and frequency of those conditions will be way lower than usual if you choose treatment with Avitan.

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What effect does Ativan produce on the brain?

Avitan acts as an anti-depressant for the patient’s nervous system. It slows down the neurons’ activity, slows down the electric impulses and decreases brain activity.

The main component of the medicament is called GABA. This is an amino acid that lowers the brain’s agitation and reduces the hyperactivity of the nervous system. After just a few days of treatment, and the patient starts sleeping normally, notes that agitation is almost gone and the anxiety isn’t coming back.

Prolonged treatment with Ativan (about 2 or 3 weeks) allows you to get rid of all phobia and fear signs. The brain begins working as it should normally be. As a result, you may forget about panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

Along with the positive effects of the pill, you may experience several mild side effects. Mostly, there’s nothing serious to be worried about. Sleepiness and mild fatigue are the most common signs that you need to lower the daily intake of tablets. The manufacturer states that 3-10 mg of Ativan is a normal amount for an adult patient but you should know that every case is unique.

Is Ativan a fast-working drug?

Patients and doctors value Lorazepam (Ativan) for its rapid effect. Once you take the pill, wait for 2 or 3 hours – the first signs that the medicine is actually working appear at that time. It will cover you slowly and gradually. And the actual improvement of the anxiety and panic attacks will appear after several days.

The existing reviews on Ativan can help you to calculate the number of days necessary for the medication to treat you. Mostly, you won’t have to wait more than 2-3 days. That’s how quick the drug is. In some cases, though, 5-6 days should pass before your condition improves.

Don’t begin the treatment until you speak to your doctor. Ativan is not for every patient. For example, abuse of alcohol or drugs is a condition when you cannot take this medication. The active ingredient may cause a dependency on the medicine. That is why read the instructions before taking the pills.