Why People Take Xanax (Alprazolam)

The pharmaceutical drug, which we know under the name of Xanax, is actually Alprazolam. This is a tranquilizer medicine from the thienobenzodiazepine class. Basically, it’s a compound made of  benzodiazepines and triazole.

Doctors usually prescribe Xanax for people suffering from panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder. The medication should be taken by mouth (tablet is the most common form of the drug). The first result should appear in about one week after you begin treatment (in case of managing anxiety). If you are dealing with panic attacks, expect the see the results a bit faster.

Treating Panic Disorder with Xanax

Have you ever experienced panic or fear for no reason at all? This is called a panic attack. If these conditions occur on a regular basis, a doctor may diagnose panic disorder. Patients with this diagnosis are often prescribed Xanax. The medicine helps reduce the intense degree of panic attacks or even stop them.

Not every country allows treating panic disorder with Xanax (Alprazolam). For example, in Australia, it’s banned due to the possibility of addiction. The 10-week period of studies showed positive outcomes. However, Xanax can be taken up to 12 months.

Despite the judgment of Australian doctors, Xanax is widely used in the US. It’s a highly effective medication for managing symptoms of panic disorder. However, a patient should show no signs of tolerance or dependence.

Managing Generalized Anxiety Disorder with Xanax (Alprazolam)

Shortly known as GAD, this disorder is characterized by huge anxiousness about daily routine tasks and life. The most common signs of GAD are feelings of disaster or doom in relation to such aspects of life as money, family, or health.

Despite the absence of enough studies to prove the efficacy of Xanax, this drug shows impressive results in treating people suffering from continuous depression or GAD. The general length of treatment in such cases is no more than 4 months. Taking Xanax for longer periods than that may lead to the opposite effect because the dependence starts to be formed.

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What’s the Correct Use of Xanax?

A doctor should decide that you should start taking Xanax (Alprazolam), then it’s probably the best possible solution to manage your symptoms. Never neglect his advice when you begin treatment. In general, follow these simple rules:

  • When swallowing the pill, make sure it’s not crushed or broken (especially if taking the XR form).
  • Limit your treatment with Xanax: 4 months is the maximum length if you’re dealing with anxiety and 10 weeks – in case of panic disorder.
  • If taking Xanax for a week doesn’t alter the way you feel, contact your doctor for a piece of advice. Avoid self-treatment – increasing the dosage is not a good option.
  • If Xanax is prescribed for a long period, pay closer attention to your liver or kidneys. The medicine can affect them.
  • When your treatment with Xanax is about to end, create a routine for quitting it. Most importantly, decrease the dosage slowly to avoid withdrawal effects.
  • When it comes to storage, there’s nothing complicated. Read the instructions to learn how to keep Xanax.

When a patient should NOT take Xanax?

Although Xanax can reduce the signs of anxiety disorder and panic attacks, it’s not suitable for patients with the following issues: problems with the respiratory system, previous addictions, suicidal thoughts, depression, kidney or liver diseases.

Another condition that doesn’t go well with taking Xanax is allergic reactions to the medications from the benzodiazepine class. If you’re on antifungal medication, don’t start treatment as well.

Xanax should also be avoided during pregnancy. The danger is that it may lead to dependency for the fetus and related withdrawal symptoms.

Useful Tips about Dosages

And now, we are going to share some information about the Xanax dosage. The first rule here is to listen to what your doctor says. The amount of Xanax to be taken is individual for every person (because it depends on a person’s medical history, age and gender).

For adults, the maximum recommended dosage is 10 mg a day. The 0.5 mg immediate-release tablets should be consumed 3 times every day, and the XR tablets (3-6 mg) – once every day.

The dosage for elder patients is lower: the 0.25 mg immediate-release tablets should be consumed 3 times every day. If prescribed the XR tablets, 0.5 mg should be the initial dose.

Finally, consider following these recommendations:

  • The doctor prescribe the minimum dosage for treating only one condition.
  • The very first dosage should be way lower than the dosages you take during the rest of the treatment.
  • The amount of Xanax has to be decreased as the treatment comes to an end.
  • If taking immediate-release tablets, be sure to split the dosages evenly throughout the day.