Modafinil and its use in medicine

Modafinil is an effective medicine that deals with sleepiness and promotes wakefulness. It’s also called a “smart drug” for its ability to enhance cognitive abilities. The drug, however, has a temporary effect and can eliminate sleepiness and drowsiness for short periods of time.

It was proved to be effective in dealing with sleep-related issues triggered by SWSD, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and many others. Remember that it can also be used for treating other conditions. Ask your doctor to provide a full list of problems that Modafinil can improve.

When taking the medicine, always stick to the recommendations of your health assistant. The misuse of Modafinil can lead to unwanted results.

The Modafinil description

Modafinil is a mild drug that is known for its safety and convenience. It exists in the form of pills (100 mg and 200 mg) and can be purchased online.

When you buy Modafinil in an online pharmacy, there’s no need to have a prescription. Just add the desired items to the cart, pay with a VISA or MasterCard, and provide the delivery address. We offer Modafinil (Provigil) at an affordable price.

How to properly take Modafinil

Why take Modafinil? Doctors prescribe it because it’s a safe and easy-to-take medicine. Despite such advantages, it may be potentially dangerous for the patient’s health. It’s strictly recommended not to alter the dosage and length of treatment without the doctor’s advice.

Modafinil can be quite addictive, especially if you’ve already had an addiction in the past (alcohol or drug). Don’t share your tablets with other people – every treatment is individual. There may be people who need to stay awake during the daytime (they take a pill in the morning). There may be patients who have issues with excessive sleepiness during their shift (they take a tablet one hour before they start working).

Before you begin taking Modafinil, it’s advised to read the leaflet that comes with the box of pills. Keep in mind that it’s not safe to take pills for longer than 12 weeks. If the drug affects your sleeping routine in a negative way, contact your doctor right away.

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Who should avoid taking Modafinil?

The drug is not approved for several groups of patients. If you have any doubts about the safety of Modafinil, it’s better not to use it at all.

  1. Patients with allergic reactions to the active ingredient shouldn’t be treated with Modafinil.
  2. Patients who suffer from liver disorders, heart-related issues, hypertension, mental disorders, and kidney abnormalities are in the high-risk group. Medical supervision is necessary.
  3. Patients with a history of heart attacks shouldn’t take Modafinil.
  4. The drug is not suitable for children under 17.
  5. Pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot be treated with this drug as well because it may damage the health of a mother and her child.
  6. Modafinil doesn’t go well with certain kinds of contraceptives. Be sure to contact your doctor and learn more about the potential dangers.

The most typical side effects of Modafinil

Side effects are the most unpleasant part of every treatment. However, they are usually nothing more than just a body’s reaction to the medication. If you experience mild negative effects during your treatment with Modafinil, there’s nothing to worry about.

The usual side effects of the therapy are backaches, headaches, anxiety, nervousness, diarrhea, nasal congestion, sickness, and vomiting.

If taking Modafinil makes these side effects quite severe and intense, call your doctor to discuss the possible options.