Short description of Modafinil

Simply speaking, Modafinil is a drug that allows you to stay awake when you need it – for example, during night shifts. It’s also used for treating multiple problems triggered by the following conditions: obstructive sleep apnea, SWSD, narcolepsy, and many others. Ask your doctor to tell you more about the conditions that can be improved by the usage of Modafinil.

If you decide to take the medicine off-label (unapproved usage) or buy your pills online, make sure to read the leaflet that comes with the box. This information may help you avoid negative outcomes.

Where can I buy Modafinil online?

Modafinil can be purchased under its brand name Provigil. The drug comes in the form of a tablet and can be taken orally. The strength (100 mg or 200 mg) is determined by a doctor based on your condition and medical history.

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Tips on how to take Modafinil safely

Compared to other medicines with similar composition and effect, Modafinil is known for its mildness. This means that the drug is suitable for a wide range of patients. However, don’t rush to order your pills right away. First, discuss the treatment options with your doctor or online health assistant. When you start taking Modafinil, stick to the recommended dosage.

The drug can be highly addictive, especially if the patient has already developed an addiction to alcohol or drugs (including the previous cases). Do not share or sell your pills with anyone else because you don’t know how the active component may work in another person’s body. The drug efficacy is based on the conditional and health state.

Normally, a person who needs to stay awake during the daytime should take one pill in the morning. If you have issues with staying awake to do your job, Modafinil should be taken one hour before the shift begins.

The leaflet inside the package contains all the important information about Modafinil and its use. You can learn that treatment should be relatively short – no more than 12 weeks. If the drug affects your sleeping regimen and causes problems with falling asleep, be sure to immediately contact the doctor.

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Modafinil and safety precautions

When misused, Modafinil can turn from a remedy into a poison. Take care of out your health and take the pills only when you are confident in their safety. If you have allergic reactions to the drug’s ingredients, ask your doctor to find another solution for your sleepiness. In any case, let him know if you have any condition or health issue that prevents you from taking the pill.

Patients with higher risks of unpleasant outcomes usually have at least one of the following issues:

  • The liver disorders;
  • Coronary heart disease;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • Heart attack;
  • Any other problems related to the heart;
  • Any kinds of mental disorders;
  • Kidney abnormalities, etc.

Modafinil is not suitable for treating patients under 17, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Taking medicine may lead to health damage for both the mom and the baby (fetus). Also, the active component of the drug doesn’t work well with hormonal contraceptives. In fact, it may reduce their efficacy and lead to an unplanned pregnancy. Consider switching to another type of protection during your treatment with Modafinil.

What are some negative effects of Modafinil?

Using Modafinil can be both effective and a little unpleasant. Almost every serious medicine comes with certain side effects.

Here’s the list of the most common negative effects of Modafinil:

  • headache
  • nausea
  • back pain
  • diarrhea
  • anxiety
  • vomiting
  • nervousness

Usually, they won’t be bothering you for more than 3-4 days. However, if they are too intense and prevent you from living a normal life, be sure to call your doctor.