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Main Info About Zopiclone

Zopiclone is a sleeping tablet that helps to cope with insomnia. The medicine is known under another name – Zimovane.

Many people suffer from poor sleep or insomnia. However, this unpleasant condition is temporary. From time to time, every person faces difficulties with falling asleep, or other sleep issues – like waking up in the middle of the night or staying awake. Thus, dealing with these problems by taking a sleeping pill like Zopiclone is not recommended for everyone. They are prescribed b the doctor and allow you to get rid of severe insomnia.

Zopiclone is commonly known as one of the Z-class drugs. Along with other medications of this kind, it sends the message to your brain, inviting it to fall asleep. In general, it will take you less time to fall asleep and increase the amount of your sleeping time.

Normally, Zopiclone is prescribed for 2-4 weeks, depending on the patient’s condition. However, it shows better efficacy if taken for very short periods. Why so? The body becomes dependent on the drug so the results of treatment may reduce with time.

Read This before you Take Zopiclone

Like any other kind of strong medicament, Zopiclone is not suitable for every patient. Your doctor who is aware of your medical history should decide if the treatment with sleeping pills won’t be harmful to you.

Here’s a list of conditions:

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding, trying to conceive.
  • Breathing issues. Or sleep apnoea – a condition where you stop shortly breathing during the night.
  • Myasthenia gravis. Any disorder that makes your muscles weak, especially if it results in difficulties with breathing.
  • Drug addiction – current or previous.
  • Mental health disorder.
  • Liver or kidneys problems.
  • Allergic reaction to medicament.
  • If you’re currently taking any other kind of drugs. This includes OTC drugs, herbal and complementary medicine.

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Tips on How To Take Zopiclone

  1. As soon as you get your package with the pills, open it and read the info provided by the manufacturer. The leaflet is a primary source of information about Zopiclone: it will tell you about the possible side effects.
  2. Usually, a patient takes one pill (7.5 mg) right before going to bed. Avoid increasing the prescribed dosage.
  3. Elder patients (65+ years) should take a reduced dosage. The pill of 3.75 mg strength is enough to help you with insomnia.
  4. As you begin treatment, take Zopiclone according to your doctor’s advice. The duration of the treatment depends on your condition: 2-3 nights per week or every day.

Increase the efficacy of the medicine

  • Never increase the length of treatment with Zopiclone. Remember that 4 weeks is the maximum duration. The reason for that is the dependence on medicament. As a result, the efficacy will decrease.
  • It’s absolutely normal if you feel sleepy on the following day after taking the pill. To prevent any harm, be sure to avoid driving or using any tools and machines until you feel better.
  • Don’t mix alcohol with Zopiclone. Such a combo may trigger multiple side effects – sleepwalking or doing things you can’t remember.
  • When your treatment with Zopiclone comes to an end, slowly reduce the dosage to avoid withdrawal effects. Contact your doctor to learn more about it.
  • Zopiclone is classed as a “controlled medicament”. When traveling abroad during your treatment, be sure to have a letter from your doctor that states that you’ve been prescribed this drug.

Are there any Side Effects of Zopiclone?


Plenty of strong drugs can cause various side effects. It should be noted that the probability to experience them is around 10%. Below, you can see the table with the two most common side-effects of Zopiclone. The full list of unwanted effects can be found in the leaflet that comes with the package. Side effects should reduce with time.

Zopiclone side effects What to do?
Feeling sleepy or tired If you experience these symptoms on the following morning, avoid driving and using tools and machines until you feel better.
A bitter or metallic aftertaste, dry mouth Chewing gum or sucking sweets can help you get rid of these symptoms

A certain percentage of patients who take Zopiclone do things in their sleep that they are not aware of. This includes sleepwalking, sleep-driving and even having sexual intercourse. In this case, it’s mandatory to consult a doctor.

There may appear signs that aren’t mentioned above. Again, call your doctor or pharmacist.

Two Rules To Store Zopiclone Correctly

  • Keep your pills away from kids.
  • Store a package in a cool, dry place, without heat and light exposure.

General Tips That Apply to all Drugs

Before you buy new drugs, ask your pharmacist if you can mix them with other meds you are currently taking.

Always stick to the prescribed amount of pills. If you accidentally take more than necessary, be sure to visit the emergency department of your local hospital. Bring the original container – empty or with pills.

Your surgeon or dentist needs to know everything about the drugs you’re taking before they begin the treatment.

The prescription is individual. Never share your medication with anyone.

Dispose of all expired or unnecessary drugs. The safest way to do it is to take them to the local pharmacy.

Be sure to ask as many questions as you want to make your treatment safe and correct.