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What You Need To Know About Zopiclone

Every now and then, people suffer from insomnia or poor sleep. Normally, it’s just a temporary condition that disappears by itself. However, in most severe cases, you need to take a “sleeping pill” with a hypnotic effect. Zopiclone (Zimovane) is the right drug for you!

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, wake up in the middle of the night and lay awake for several hours, you need professional help. Zopiclone is prescribed just for these cases, as it helps significantly improve the length of your sleep and reduce the time you need to fall asleep. It’s not the medicine you can take regularly. Zopiclone is prescribed for short periods.

Belonging to the class of so-called Z drugs, Zopiclone should be the last resort in dealing with poor sleep. Patients may develop a dependency on the medication.

Typically, it’s not allowed to take Zopiclone for longer than 4 weeks. The standard length of treatment equals 2 weeks. After this, the drug loses its high efficacy.

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You may ask: “Why not everyone takes Zopiclone if it’s so good?”. Well, the answer is simple: this medicine is not for every patient. There are multiple disorders and conditions that prevent people from taking Zopiclone.

The final decision should be made by a doctor. Make sure if he knows if you have at least one of the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding.
  • Breathing problems.
  • Sleep apnoea (when you suddenly stop breathing at night).
  • Previous history of drug addictions.
  • Mental health disorder.
  • Problems with the liver of kidneys.
  • Allergies to the medicine.

It’s also important to notify your doctor if you are taking any other drugs. This includes everything, even harmless herbal or complementary drugs.

How To Take Zopiclone

  1. At the beginning of treatment, it’s important to read the information from the leaflet. It contains all answers that you may have and includes the full list of side effects.
  2. The individual dosage cannot be increased or doubled. Follow the instructions given by a doctor.
  3. Typically, adult patients take one pill of 7.5 mg strength before going to bed. As for senior patients (aged 65 and more), their dosage is normally half less – 3.75 mg.
  4. Your doctor may advise you to not take Zopiclone every night. Taking the drug 2-3 times a week will be the same effect.

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What Makes Treatment More Effective

  • Never increase the duration of treatment if you need better efficacy. It won’t work with Zopiclone. Keep in mind that after 4 weeks, your body becomes dependent on the medicament. As a result, the efficacy will only decrease.
  • You may experience extreme sleepiness the following day. This is a side effect of Zopiclone. Just make sure that you don’t have to drive or use dangerous tools on this day.
  • Forget about alcohol while you are on zopiclone. It will boost the appearance of such side effects as sleepwalking.
  • Don’t be surprised if a doctor will recommend taking Zopiclone in fewer amounts than usual. This is necessary for keeping poor sleep from returning.
  • Foreign trips with Zopiclone may be tricky because the drug is marked as a “controlled drug”. Ask your doctor to write a letter explaining that Zopiclone is what you actually need for your health.

What Are The Zopiclone Side Effects?

Almost every medication comes with certain side effects. Although plenty of patients are dreadfully waiting for them to appear, less than 10% of people are affected by them. You can be prepared by reading the manufacturer’s information. The unwanted effects are simply the reaction of your body to a new medication.

The most common side effects of Zopiclone are completely harmless:

  1. Dry mouth.
  2. Bitter or metallic aftertaste.
  3. Fatigue or sleepiness.

If talking about more serious side effects, some patients may sleepwalk, sleep-drive, or even have sex without realizing it. These conditions signal to seek a doctor’s advice immediately.

If taking Zopiclone causes other symptoms that are not mentioned here, be sure to call your pharmacist or doctor.

Store Zopiclone At Home

  1. Keep the package out of the reach of children.
  2. Keep it away from light or heat exposure.
  3. Store in a dry, cool area.

General Rules Related To Prescription Drugs

When you buy new medication, ask the pharmacist if it can be taken together with your current meds.

Overdosing is not recommended. This is a reason why doctors insist on taking a certain amount of pills. If you take more than necessary, go to the local hospital for help. Bring the medicament container with you.

Before dental treatment or surgery, it’s important to notify your doctors about the drugs you are taking.

The medicine can be prescribed for one patient only. Sharing or giving your drugs to anyone is not advised. All expired and unwanted medicines should be disposed of. The easiest way to get rid of them safely is to take them to the nearest pharmacy.