Sleep Aid

Why People Need Zopiclone?

Zopiclone (Zimovane) is a pill that has a hypnotic effect. People who suffer from insomnia or difficulties with falling asleep are often prescribed this medicine. Poor sleep may manifest itself in different ways: when it takes you too long to fall asleep, when you wake up in the middle of the night or stay awake for too long.

Despite the fact that sleeping issues are very common nowadays, Zopiclone is not prescribed for everyone. Moreover, these “sleeping pills” are to be taken for short periods of time, otherwise, the body may get used to them. If you need to deal with mild insomnia, this can be a great solution.

How exactly does Zopiclone work? It sends the message to the brain and lets your body fall asleep faster than usual.

Be cautious about Zopiclone as the medicine shouldn’t be taken over 4 weeks. The standard duration of the treatment is from 2 to 4 weeks. After, the body becomes dependent on the medicament and the effect will be significantly lower.

When You Should NOT take Zopiclone

Despite the amazing effects of the medicine, it’s still not suitable for every person. Before the beginning of your treatment, discuss your medical history and condition with a doctor. Make sure he knows the following things:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you and your partner trying to conceive.
  • Breathing issues (including the condition called “sleep apnoea”).
  • Muscles weakening conditions or issues.
  • History of drug addictions.
  • Issues related to mental health.
  • The problems related to kidneys or liver.
  • Allergies to the medication.
  • If you are taking other medicines at the moment. This includes all non-prescription drugs, herbal and even complementary medicines.

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4 Rules of Taking Zopiclone

  1. The start of your treatment should begin with learning more about the medicine. Open the pack and read the information on the leaflet carefully. This could give you some heads up on the Zopiclone side effects.
  2. The tablet is taken before going to bed. Don’t increase the dosage, try to improve the efficacy of the pill.
  3. The average dosage for adult patients is 7.5 mg and the safe dosage for seniors (aged 65 and more) is twice lower – 3.75 mg.
  4. The doctor should decide what the treatment course should be. Usually, you may be asked to take Zopiclone 2 or 3 times per week.

What Can Make Your Treatment Better?

  • In order for the treatment to be effective, you should stick to the recommended duration. Don’t take Zopiclone for longer than 4 weeks.
  • One of the possible side effects is the feeling of incredible sleepiness or tiredness during the day. In this case, avoid driving a car or using machines or tools.
  • Do not drink alcohol during your treatment with Zopiclone. It may make you sleepwalk or do the things you won’t remember in the morning.
  • If your doctor asks you to lower your usual dosage of Zopiclone, follow his instructions. This is necessary to prevent sleeping difficulties from coming back.
  • If you’re going abroad, take a letter from your doctor where he’s explaining why you need this medicine. Zopiclone belongs to the class of controlled drugs.

Zopiclone and Its Side Effects

Zopiclone is not a harmless pill that helps you fall asleep. It comes with various side effects, although only 10% of all patients experience them. You may be lucky and don’t have any of these conditions at all. However, don’t be nervous – this is just your body adjusting to a new medicine.

This is the list of the things that may be troublesome when you’re taking Zopiclone:

  1. Unpleasant aftertaste (metallic or better)
  2. Dry mouth
  3. Feeling tired
  4. Drowsiness
  5. Sleepwalking
  6. Sleep-driving

One of the most severe conditions is doing the things during your sleep that you don’t remember in the morning. If you know about this condition, be sure to talk to your doctor.

Zopiclone Storing Tips

  1. Kids should never have access to medicine.
  2. Store the tablets away from light and heat.
  3. Place the pack in a cool, dry place.

General Recommendations About Medicines

Always ask your pharmacist or doctor if your new medicine can be taken with all current medications.

Stick to the dosage that your doctor prescribes to you. If you take more pills than necessary, go to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. It would be good if you bring a container with you.

Your surgeon or dentists should get the full list of medicines you’re currently taking.

The prescription medicine is individual. Don’t share your pills with your friends or family, even if they have the same condition or symptoms. When your treatment is over, get rid of the unwanted pills by bringing them to the pharmacy. The same goes for expired pills.